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Molded Cable Assembly and Cable Jacket Material Comparison

All of the materials that General Reliance offers for their cable assemblies have specific applications and properties. Below is a table with the common cable materials and their related properties. General Reliance offers these materials for the jacketing and molding.

Elastomer Temp. Range Strengths Weaknesses

Neoprene (CR)

-35 - +110 C

Resistance to ozone, oil, grease, seawater; self extinguishable

Incompatible with fuels and solvents, low temperature stiffness


-50 - 150 C

Excellent resistance to weathering, aging, ozone, acids, diluted bases, hot water & steam. Good heat resistance and low temperature properties. Excellent electrical insulator

Incompatible with oils, is flammable

Viton (FPM)

-30 - 220 C

Resistance to strong acids, oil, fuels, propellants, particulatly jet fuels jp4, jp8 and jp10, excellent resistance to heat, low gas permeability, not flammable

Incompatible with keytone, poor low temperature flexibility, hot water and steam sensitive

Hypalon (CSM)

-50 - 120 C

Resistance to ozone, oil, acids, bases and UV; self extinguishable

Incompatible with fuels and solvents

Polyurethane (PU)

-40 - 80 C

resistance to weathering, aging, ozone, very good abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, low gas permeability

Water sensitive at temperatures above 50 C, flammable

Other materials are available - epoxies and other fluoro-elastomers - feel free to call (973) 361-1400 or click here to contact us for more information about Molded Cable Assemblies